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November 11, 2011
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People are saying:

Moreover, your desire to motivate married couples to live out their relationships as husbands and wives in a manner that brings honor to the Lord is
evident. From our perspective, such a reminder is commendable."
~Office of  the President~
Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson
11:11 - What a timely and inspirational READ!!! Great for devotion, study, accountability... I found this tool extremely helpful in reminding me of my
responsibility to remain the lead-example in my home and to avoid becoming a causality... The Eden Eviction
~Dr. Eugene Mason, III
President, Harmonic Connection
I highlighted many parts of the book which registered with my spirit.  I appreciate you being led by the Holy Spirit to write YOUR STORY with articulate
expression.  Thank you for sharing your experiences -- the teachings and powerful insights gained over the course of your young lives.  From your 11
month per-marital counsel, it is apparent how you have been empowered with wisdom from godly men and women.  Your book is a tribute to them.  It
speaks volumes!  So very powerful!
~Renata and Cecil Melendez~_
I never knew there was such a deeper and greater purpose for my marriage.  You have definitely impacted ours and have shown us what a marriage
should be...full of trust, love, compassion, forgiveness and long suffering.  
~Joe and Stephanie Aguilera~
"In this, we also discovered our calling as a married couple, and all that we want to contribute to the world through our marriage. We absolutely love all
these teachings, and we are looking forward
to so much more!"
~Reginald & Stephanie Kelsey~
"It helped us get some perspective on our upcoming marriage;...This information is so important for every couple
going into marriage!"
~Manny & Lori Corazzari~
"When we heard the teaching, we decided to start a ministry of our own and it has been a wonderful blessing in our lives. Thank you for investing in
~Dan & Amie Berry, Three Fold Cord Ministries~
"The quote, 'Marriage is a Ministry' caused me to take it serious because marriage is serious to God!"...
~Lillian Evans, Elder at Family Christian Center~
"They taught us that marriage doesn't mean that we are losing part of ourselves, but merging with another.  
Thank you for great teachings!”
~Chris and Raquel Davis~
“Robert & Natalie have helped me to celebrate my fiancée, Diamond, more – her differences are not deficiencies, they bring balance to Our Destiny!”
“Robert & Natalie have helped me to understand me as an individual so that I can add value and celebrate the differences of my spouse. They are an
incredible couple, and gifted at what they do.”
~Charles Hall and Diamond Porter~
"The teaching became a way to prepare us, as well as affirm that we were indeed within the will of God. Thank you, Robert & Natalie, for being an
example of a Godly marriage.”
~ Matt and Beth Jakubczyk~
"All the teachings have been the best guiding principles that an engaged couple could be gifted with. Reminding ourselves that our purpose, passion
and potential in life will be better fulfilled and accomplished in the power of two becoming one, we still review the lesson materials as a tool on how to
keep our marriage on a winning track.”
Virgil and Carmelia Wrenn
"They have taught us how to “SHUT THE FLESH UP”.  Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into your ministry.”
~Patrick and Nichole Jordan~
After an amazing six and half years of marriage, we can attribute a large portion of our success to their passion in educating couples through love,
working together, and the Word of God. Thank you Robert & Natalie for the investment you have made in our lives and nicknaming us The WinSho.

~Sasho and Winter Dojcinovski, WinSho Productions, LLC~`
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